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Client :

Egyptian Syndicate, Egypt


Location :

Alexandria, Egypt



20000 m2







               1st Prize Design Award


Borg El-Arab Compound a competition organized by the Egyptian syndicate for Engineers, on a land of 20000m2


The Basic concept of the design was to have a healthy environment for all residents of the project


·        The Children having a safe private node, pedestrian & enclosed inside each cluster.

·        The Youth having a jogging track penetrating the main axis of the project surrounded by pleasant scenery

·        The elder generation having calm rest areas at the core of the landscape zones


The periphery of the compound hosts all the vehicle traffic, while the core is free from traffic except several nodes, cul-de-sac areas to have accessibility to the center of the project




Borg-El Arab Compound

Alexandria Competition


Award : 1st Prize Award


Project in Collaboration with

Pacer Architects

sheet 4 layout.jpg
sheet 1 perspective.jpg
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