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" Where architecture meets nature and the sky is the limit."


Mountarchitects is an architecture & Interior design firm specialized in several design segments, from Cultural, Hospitality and Corporate projects, to commercial, residential and banks projects. We lead projects from concept stage to implementation to assure all quality procedures during different project phases.

Mountarchitects Egypt was founded by Ramez Saleh in 2015

Mountarchitects USA was founderd by Ramez Saleh & Eihab Abasaeed in 2023

Mountarchitects takes the leading role as  the main consultants for our clients, Our  contracts covers all projects disciplines from Architecture, interior, landscape, MEP and Acoustics, we team up with different specialists whom we have a long term professional relation with to cover different project disciplines and to deliver high quality projects.

In the last couple of years we worked on various projects in the following countries:

Egypt -  Bahrain - Cote D'ivoir - Jordan -  Lebanon - Morocco -  Tunisia -  Senegal -  Sudan - Mauritania

Ramez Saleh

Founder, Mountarchitects Egypt

Cofounder Mountarchitects USA

Design Director


Eihab Abasaeed

Cofounder Mountarchitects USA

Business Development Director



MSc Degree in architecture from BelleVille Paris, France. 1996

BSc Degree from Cairo University 1994

Certified Consultant (Field of Cultural Buildings): Egyptian Syndicate 2016

Ramez Saleh launched Mountarchitects May 2015 after twenty years of international experience, during which he worked for:

·     Pacer Consultants - Design Director and Head of the Architecture Department

·     Progressive Architects, Egypt - Head of the Architecture Department

·     Ellerbe Becket, USA - Architect 

·     Betecs Scenography, Versaille,  France - Architect 


Ramez Saleh has also served as an independent consultant for numerous international firms and  projects, including Cultural Innovations, UK. LVDA France. National Geographic Society, USA.

Eihab Abasaeed is a multi-talented artist with a background in architecture, music, and film.


He obtained his Master's degree in Architecture and Architectural Engineering in Environmental Building from the Technical University of Budapest in 1995. With his expertise in architecture and multimedia,


Eihab has been passionate about integrating new technologies to enhance the living experience of people. Alongside his architectural career, Eihab has pursued his passion for music and film-making. As a musician, he has worked on various music projects and collaborated with other artists. As a filmmaker, he has produced and directed short films and documentaries, showcasing his unique perspectives on life, culture, and architecture.


Eihab's passion for the arts and technology has led him to explore and experiment with various mediums, creating an inspiring body of work that reflects his innovative and creative spirit.

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